NEW BOOK: ‘JAPAN DRUG’ by António Júlio Duarte

Pierre von Kleist editions is proud to announce a new title:
JAPAN DRUG by António Júlio Duarte

“It was 1997 and the new millennium was imminent, one could feel the tense anticipation about what was to come next.
I was alone in Japan, a place I had never been before. During the day I would go out looking for my own sense of the place, photographing, exploring notions of center, a place of convergence, as the world expanded before me in its uncertain course.
Many years have passed and I felt a need to go back to these images.The millennium is long gone but the vertigo of uncertainty is yet to disappear.”
António Júlio Duarte

136 pages / Softcover / 26.5×18.5 cm / Edition of 600
Pierre von Kleist editions, 2014
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COSTA by José Pedro Cortes reviewed at 1000 words magazine

COSTA by José Pedro Cortes reviewed at 1000 words magazine

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Pre-order: COSTA by José Pedro Cortes

by José Pedro Cortes

“14 kms south from Lisboa, where I live, is Costa da Caparica.
During the last years I often found myself returning to this magnetic place.”
José Pedro Cortes

Costa da Caparica is a place, south of Lisboa – a strip of land that exists between the last stretch of civilization and the beach.
In COSTA, we wander through this territory: shacks, outmoded architecture, remains of houses, dirt left by the tide; an agglomeration of sand, vegetation and streets – a peripheral, end-of-the-line location.

We are flooded by a strange luminosity; a dazzling and mysterious light which imbues these spaces with a disconcerting and unreal atmosphere, like something seen while in a hypnotic state, encouraging the spectator to participate in a suggestive and paradoxical exploration of individual experience.

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by José Pedro Cortes

Color & B/W
21 x 30.5 cm
80 pages

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We are very pleased to announce our new book!


by Pedro Costa

‘Casa de Lava’ is a 1994 film by Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa.
35 years old at the time, he traveled to the islands of Cape Verde in the Atlantic Ocean to shoot this second feature.

During the course of the production preparation, he compiled what he saw, what he read, his many ideas and images into a scrapbook instead of a screenplay. Paintings, movie stills, letters, newspaper articles, scribbles, quotes from novels, postcards, lines of dialogue, snapshots that guided him throughout the shooting of the film and that he continued – and finished – after returning to Lisboa.

Reproducing the original book in full color, we’ve included an exclusive
interview with Pedro Costa by Nuno Crespo and a text by Philippe Azoury (both in portuguese, english and french).

Pedro Costa (b. Lisboa,1959)

Born in Lisbon, he left his course of studies in History to attend classes taught by the poet and filmmaker António Reis at the Lisbon Film School. His first film ‘O Sangue / Blood’ had its world premiere at the Mostra Cinematografica di Venezia in 1989.
‘Casa de Lava’, his second feature, shot on the Island of Fogo in Cabo Verde, was shown in Cannes, ‘Un Certain Regard’, in 1994. His other feature films include ‘Ossos’, ‘In Vanda’s Room’ and ‘Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?’, on the work of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub.
Recently he directed ‘Sweet Exorcist’, a segment of the omnibus feature ‘Centro Histórico’, with Manoel de Oliveira, Aki Kaurismaki and Victor Erice.
His work has been presented in galleries and museums around the world.
He is one of the invited artists of the Cuban Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013.

More about the artist:

by Pedro Costa

144 pages / color, b&w
14.6 x 20.9 cm







FÁBRICA by Daniel Blaufuks reviewed by Rémi Coignet

“Qu’est devenue la classe ouvrière ? Qu’avons-nous fait de nos moyens de production manufacturière ?  Telles sont les questions que pose le nouveau livre de Daniel Blaufuks. Elles sont absolument pertinentes tandis que l’Occident s’interroge sur sa désindustrialisation et sur l’intérêt d’une mondialisation qui a tourné à la lutte de tous contre tous. Il ne s’agit pour autant pas de regretter l’utopie productiviste. Blaufuks interroge la mémoire d’un temps révolu dont les traces affleurent encore dans le monde contemporain. Comme dans certains de ses travaux précédents, Terezin ou Sob Céus Estranhos, il le fait en confrontant documents d’archives et photos contemporaines. Comme dans ces deux œuvres également, le projet se déploie sous forme de livre et de film.”

Rémi Coignet in Des livres et des photos

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**NEW BOOK** FÁBRICA by Daniel Blaufuks

‘Fábrica’, a new book and film by photographer Daniel Blaufuks, is a collection of images from abandoned spaces of one of the largest factories in Europe in an once flourishing industrial region, that never recovered from the loss of the textile market to the Chinese exports.

Blaufuks worked the book and the film (which comes with this edition) as a documental piece, collecting different kinds of memories, crossing old photographs, manuscripts and objects with images of the present state of the building interiors and surroundings.

Mixing his images with archive images from the factory, the result is a reflection not only on the idea of a ‘factory’ in itself, most generic and abstract, but also about forgetting and abandonment, thus creating a significant memento about labor and the disappearance of the working class in Europe in the last century, which is one of the reasons for the present crisis in the region.

* This title was co-published with Guimarães 2012.

Daniel Blaufuks (b. Lisboa,1963)

Has been working on the relation between photography and
literature, since ‘My Tangier’, with the writer Paul Bowles. His Collected
Short Stories includes several photographic diptychs in a kind of snapshot
prose, where visual fragments suggest private stories on their way to
becoming public. The relation between public and private has been one of the
constant interrogations in his work. He has been showing widely and works
mainly in photography and video, presenting his work through books,
installations and films. His documentary ‘Under Strange Skies’ was shown at
the Lincoln Center in New York.
Recent exhibitions include: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, LisboaPhoto, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Elga Wimmer Gallery (New York), Photoespaña (Madrid) where his book “Under Strange Skies” received the award for Best Photography Book of the Year in the International Category in 2007. In the same year he received the BES Photo Award for the work ‘Terezín’.

More about the artist:


by Daniel Blaufuks

Clothbound hardcover
w/ dust jacket
172 pages / color, b&w
20.5 x 25.5 cm
DVD + Postcard included

ISBN 978-989-97763-2-6

March 2013