4th International Photobook Festival in Kassel

Pierre von Kleist editions is going to participate in the amazing 4th International Photobook Festival in Kassel, Germany, from the 1 to 5 June 2011.

More publishers here    http://2011.fotobookfestival.org/en/market/

Come and join Pierre in Germany.


Amsterdam Art and Book Fair

Pierre von Kleist editions is pleased to announce that it will take part in the Amsterdam Art and Book Fair, on the 14th and 15th of May.

You can take a look at the other publishers here  http://www.amsterdamartbookfair.com/index.html

So, if you’re around come and visit us!

Amsterdam Art/Book Fair 2011
Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 May
De Brakke Grond
Amsterdam, NL

PVK editions on Artyčok.TV

A small interview from the PVK editors on Artyčok.TV.
Thanks to Alena Kotzmannová and Korecký David.

see it here http://artycok.tv/lang/en-us/pierre-von-kleist-editions/5056

Recent Books #2 – The Pier by Nils Petter Löfstedt

New book from Nils Petter Löfstedt following the big success of Club 13.

The Pier registers the refurbishment and use of a found room underneath a pier in Malmo, Sweden.

If we take the liberty of doing things out of the ordinary, we can catch something we didn’t know was there. 

Some kind of creative power.
Usually this is hidden but once in a while we can find it.

However, this can be done only if we work on our own terms not having to consider the conventions.
A lot can be accomplished with two pairs of hands, without the need of a boss or money.

This is a story that took place under a pier on the outskirts of Malmö between January and May in 2009.
Everything can be changed.
Everything can be turned into poetry.

Softcover | 72 pages | color and b&w | 190×260 mm
ISBN 978-972-99825-6-9

See more about the author www.petterlofstedt.se
See more about the project www.thepier.se

Price: 25 Euros

Shipping   to   Portugal / Europe / Rest of the World:  2 Euros / 5 Euros / 8 Euros


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Recent Books #1 – “I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down” by André Príncipe

The follow up to “Master and Everyone” is already on sale!

In his second book designed as a classical music score, Príncipe continues his exploration of photography as a way of knowing reality.
The book has a strong narrative feeling, with two distinctive parts; a very precise sequence of images of girls and animals is followed by a hazy,  dreamlike worldview.
With its Leonard Cohen line title, I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down is an existentialist travelogue that defies the idea that there are pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down
André Príncipe
48 pages, color, 235x340mm, Softcover
ISBN  978-972-99825-5-2

Price: 20 Euros

Shipping   to   Portugal / Europe / Rest of the World:  2 Euros / 5 Euros / 8 Euros

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Back to life in April 2011

News will follow soon…

new books, book fairs we will be participating in, other events…