Do you want to buy our books? Here are the Bookstores that stock them…(Updated)

Here is a list of the bookstores that stock our books. Don’t forget that you can always buy them directly from us at ( WE OFFER FREE SHIPPING IN PORTUGAL / OFERECEMOS PORTES DE ENVIO GRATUITOS )

PhotoBookStore (UK)
Claire de Rouen Books (London, UK)
Foyles (London, UK)
Photo-Eye (Santa Fe, USA)
Dashwood Books (NY, USA)
Libraire Husson (Belgium) here
Tennis Club Bookstore (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Atheneum Boekhandel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Le Bal Books (Paris, France)
Yvon Lambert (Paris, France)
La Chambre Claire (Paris, France)
Plac’Art Libraire (Paris, France)
Motto (Berlin, Germany)
Kominek Gallery (Berlin, Germany)
Urban Spree (Berlin, Germany)
Schaden (Cologne, Germany)
Deichtorhallen Bookshop (Hamburg, Germany)
CMBMC (Japan)
Floatsam Books (Japan)
Book of days (Japan) here
Vacant (Tokyo, Japan)
Park (Japan)
STET (Lisbon, Portugal) Facebook Page
Espaço Múltiplo | Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa (Lisbon, Portugal)
Inc. (Porto, Portugal)
Museu de Serralves (Porto, Portugal)
Ivory Press Bookshop (Madrid, Spain)
Ti Pi Tin (London, UK)
The Photographers’ Gallery (London, UK)
Spaces Corners (Pittsburg, USA)
Kowasa (Barcelona, Spain) –
Musée de l’Elysée (Lausanne, Switzerland) –

For bookshops in Japan, please contact our official distributor TWELVE BOOKS (Japan) –


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